Uranus Blowhard for President- NOT!!

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

“No doubt…” Blowhard wagged a teensy finger at the White House crowd, “...you are wondering, ‘Why is this sex-pot bazillionaire wasting time on losers like us?’” Blowhard didn’t wait for his audience to register the insult, “The answer is that I have come here to help you.”

Uh, oh! Muddle’s skin crawled, What’s this guy up to?

“At great personal cost, I have come here…” Blowhard droned hypnotically, “...to build border walls, badmouth immigrants, commit high crimes and misdemeanors and, generally speaking, do everything I can to Make Amerrica Great Again. ”

No sooner had Blowhard uttered those altruistic sentiments than an infectious chant began to emanate from the wheelcraft.


Without knowing why, the crowd outside the White House felt a burning urge to chant.


Like pistons in an engine, Muddle’s students took up the chant.


Like a fast-moving pandemic, people in every corner of the USA suddenly started babbling.

“MAGA!!! MAGA!!! MAGA!!!"

Feeling queasier by the moment, Muddle tried to dismiss his students, but his fare-thee-wells were drowned out by his students’ deafening cheers.

“MAGA!!! MAGA!!! MAGA!!!”

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