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Official Review: Captain Quark and the Time Cheaters

Post by LinaMueller » Yesterday, 19:01

[Following is an official review of "Captain Quark and the Time Cheaters" by William Shatspeare.] 4 out of 4 stars

Captain Quark and the Time Cheaters by William Shatspeare is categorized as Sci-Fi/Fantasy, but the reality is that this book is unique. This book is so different that I had a lot of trouble pointing out what should be improved. It is chaotic and almost Dada. And as incredible as it may seem, its uniqueness turns out to be its most exceptional quality. But what is this book all about? The book is actually a political satire that tells an absurd story as a backdrop to ridicule our current reality. The beginning of the book is the most "normal" part of the work. In the first pages of the book, the reader is introduced to Muddle, a history teacher. It is then that a spacecraft is seen descending in Washington DC. Out of that spacecraft comes an alien, or rather, an orange humanoid who will command everyone and is so arrogant that he believes he is doing a favor for all listeners because he is wasting his time with them. In his words, "You may be wondering why I, this sex-pot bazillionaire, am wasting time on losers like you?" From there, the plot starts to get more and more absurd. Super-villain Blowhard will try to collect the five "Time Cheaters." For what purpose? Become the greatest "roach motel tycoon in the Infiniverse." Only Captain Quark and The Funtastic Five can oppose the big orange alien. As is clear, the plot is intentionally absurd. It is an acid criticism not only of Donald Trump but of politicians who put their interests above the population. At the end of the book, Blowhard is faced with the possibility of becoming "the most powerful roach motel tycoon in the infiniverse" or destroying everything in the universe. Faced with this dilemma, Blowhard replies: "I'd say it's worth the risk, wouldn't you, Igor?" What stands out most in this book and possibly its best quality is the acid and intelligent humor. There were many times that I killed myself laughing with the situations that occurred. In one part of the book, super-villain Uranus Blowhard (Donald Trump) uses his Twaddle account to ask for help because he is locked in the "Oval Office powder room." Regarding the negative points, if there is anything to be criticized (and I'm not sure about that), it is the excessive number of characters. Shillary Claptrap (Hillary Clinton), Dr. Strangelove, Galahadrielle, Froda (Frodo Baggins), Dank Vaper, the orange supremacist Uranus Blowhard, Playdoh (Plato), Socrazee (Socrates), Aristipple (Aristotle), Larry Punter (Harry Potter) are just a few examples. But, as I said, even though it is difficult to follow the story with so many characters, it is purposefully chaotic. The book is well-edited. I had to make an effort to find typos because many words are misspelled on purpose. For example: "Vaper will toost ya' like a marshmallooo…!" The "grammatical errors" in this sentence did not occur because a publisher was careless. It is a "poetic license": the author used the absurdity of the plot and grammatical structures to make a satire of the absurdity of current mundane reality. On the whole, Captain Quark and the Time Cheaters by William Shatspeare deserves four out of four stars. In addition to being hilarious and a real page-turner, the book is so unique that other readers (for example, a conservative who voted for Donald Trump) could be honest with himself and give this book the worst possible score. The book is so different from anything I've read that infinite interpretations and evaluations are possible. I decided to rate it this way because I really enjoyed reading it. It is so addictive that I finish

ed it in less than one day. I recommend this book to anyone who likes political satire. I would not recommend this book for children under 12. It is not that this work has sexual language or profanity, but that a child will probably not understand what the plot is about. ****** Captain Quark and the Time Cheaters View: on Bookshelves

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