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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

An original blend between political satire and intriguing science fiction, Captain Quark and the Time Cheaters by William Shatspeare features a tyrant who hopes to rule the world. This is a one-of-a-kind, clever and well-written book filled with wit and undeniable humor.

During one of his impassioned lectures, Maxwell Muddle, a professor of history at Santa Barbara College is interrupted by a shocking scene playing on his classroom’s flat screen. A huge spacecraft is seen descending over the country’s capital, Washington, DC. A figure emerges and gives a far-fetched speech of his intention to help earthlings. Shortly after, Americans are shouting chants in support of the figure, the malicious power-monger, Uranus Blowhard. Meanwhile, Muddle who is a believer of the theory of historical transitivity which proposes that interpretations of the past often change when priorities shift in the present, becomes part of a team that defies time and is caught between different worlds while trying to save the world from the chaos that has erupted.

The novel introduces fascinating legends of Greek mythology and fictional characters from films such as Star Trek to develop the chaos that is in the story as universes meet and a tyrant appears. What begins as a routine lecture in the opening scene turns into shocking subsequent events. A feeling of tension also drives the plot as Captain Quark and his team fight various antagonists from different worlds to restore stability. The team’s continuous efforts are paralleled to Blowhard’s political schemes. The two storylines make the story even more entertaining and absorbing. The dialogue is humorous and Blowhard’s speeches and actions add a comical strand to the story. A brilliant storyteller, William Shatspeare has a unique impressive writing style and clever way with words which drew me in from the first chapter and held me captive throughout the entire story.

With its exciting action scenes and thought-provoking, fun narrative, Captain Quark and the Time Cheaters by William Shatspeare is an adventurous, amusing and highly stimulating read. Artisan Book Reviewer decidedly recommends this original, 5 star – must read book to all readers everywhere! 

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